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February 3, 2015

The thing about roses…

Does anyone else out there have an interesting relationship with decisions?

I mentioned a few months ago that I was in a place of transition with my life and was going to shut the doors on Luscious Metals and moving into coaching full time.  And that seemed like the logical thing to do a few months ago when I wrote that post.  In fact, I spent the better part of the fall and holiday season, preparing for and talking about doing just that.  I was ready to close the business and start coaching and teaching classes full time.  Done deal.

A little disclaimer– I make slow decisions.  It’s not because I’m waiting for something better to come along, or that I put my head in the sand and avoid.  It’s more like… I can’t decide because I just don’t know.   I have to weigh the options and wait for the answers to appear and sometimes it takes a really long time.  I thought the answer had appeared (although on deeper inspection of that statement, no I didn’t.  I forced an answer because I thought it was the thing to do).  “Make a decision and stick with it!”  (Who did I learn that from?)  Fast forward into February and that super concrete, absolute,  precarious decision has changed a bit.  The truth is,  so did the information I was using to make the decision in the first place.  Am I making sense here?  Welcome to my world.  I always used to think I was a flake but it turns out, I’m just fluid.

So here we are, a whole month into this brand new year and I’ve been fluidly coaching classes AND running Luscious Metals and it’s actually working out nicely.   I’ve had a slew of the most amazing custom orders come across my bench and I’ve been loving creating again (as opposed to just doing production on existing designs.)

I’m launching another series of The Secret to Achieving Your Goals class.  This 12 week course is so phenomenal by the way- I am so honored to be teaching this class.  I’m watching women grow by leaps and bounds as they learn about themselves right before my very eyes, and that is exactly why I’m coaching.

So life is good and while there are still some major changes that will be happening, they are a few months off.  In the meantime, I feel like the chaos of last year has settled down and I’m settling into this dream life I’ve been working on creating.  Changes will come and decisions will be made and instead of rushing the process of any of it, I’m letting things unfold organically.  The most beautiful part of the rose isn’t necessarily the full bloom, every stage is amazing in its own right.  From seed to sprout, vine to bud to blossom… I’m enjoying it all.




November 6, 2014


As I mentioned before, Luscious Metals is about to do some changing.  Many of you know that my attention has been split over the last few years.  I’ve been running this company as well as completing some rigorous training in the world of personal development.  I was certified to become a Master Life Coach and began to coach with a phenomenal company called The Secret to Life Coaching last year and I’m still totally immersed in education and various trainings with a focus on psychology and spirituality.   I’ve been part jeweler, part life coach and part student for 3+ years now and it’s been a whirlwind and a balancing act.


I’ve always believed that jewelry is more than just an accessory and I always stayed true to the vision of creating intentional jewelry.  My collections  have focused on pieces that were beautiful but also  meaningful and powerful; when women feel beautiful and loved, they are infinitely more powerful.  As a brand, we worked with the concept of love by creating the Sweetheart Collection.  This line of jewelry was meant to be sentimental and worn as a reminder of all the love we have in our lives and I’m so proud to say that there are hundreds if not thousands of women out there today wearing our pieces inscribed with the names of their babies, husbands, pets and special dates.  We embraced the empowerment concept by inscribing powerful and motivational words on almost every piece of jewelry we make and also by holding contests like our Real Life Beauty promotion last year.  We’ve brought in healing gemstones, culturally symbolic jewelry and metaphysical information in many ways too- like our  7 Weeks of Rainbows Celebration and our Divine ~ Align Collection.  My vision was to present holistic information that related to all of us as women; I wanted to be more than a brand selling products but rather a brand that empowered us to be wise and confident and feel loved.  It’s been a journey and a success but I’m ready to bring these concepts to a deeper and broader level.  While I have loved designing and manufacturing 1,000’s of pieces of jewelry over the years, I don’t feel that jewelry and jewelry marketing is in alignment with where I am now and the gifts that I have to offer at this point.



So, here are the changes I’ve been talking about:  I’m going to go straight into coaching and teaching classes full time and essentially close shop at Luscious Metals.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be releasing new one of a kind pieces for sale through the holiday season and will be wrapping it up after that.

Angel Wing Workshop_abundance

I’ll also be launching my new website soon and will have new offerings  to share with you!  In the meantime, I have 2 classes scheduled.  One is an Angel Wing Pendant Workshop December 6 (you can register for that by clicking this link) and the other is a class called The Secret to Achieving your Goals (starts Tuesday January 6 at 10am MST)  This is a 12 week course I teach for The Secret to Life Coaching.  It is a tele course that meets once a week over the phone so it’s easy to take for anyone, anywhere.  In this course I will teach you to reprogram your old beliefs around what it is possible to create in your life.  Do you have something you’ve been wanting to bring into fruition and haven’t been able to make it happen?   Changes that you’ve been wanting to make?  This is the perfect class for you! It’s also a great class for anyone who wants to learn how to make decisions and really show up in their life, and it is truly a transformational class.   If this sounds interesting to you, please email me at nathaperkins [at] to schedule a free coaching session.  This single session alone will be life changing and will  help you get a good idea of what to expect in the class so you can decide if you’d like to move forward and enroll in the class.  Please know that this session in no way obligates you to work with me either!  (Maybe you just need a free coaching session!)

Look for the Holiday Collection release and more info coming soon.  I’m so excited!

January 22, 2014

You’re wearing THAT?

What Not To Wear
I went to have lunch with my daughter today who’s in elementary school and while were were eating, I noticed a boy wearing a T-shirt that had the word Rancid scrawled across it in big red words that were (presumably) meant to look like dripping blood. I know clothing like this is fashionable in certain circles but it always makes me cringe to see people actually wearing them. It seems to be mostly young men that I’ve seen wearing shirts that say things like “loser” and “rancid” and of course there are quite a few death metal bands that have names like “Carcass” and “Venom” (I’m serious!) and true to form, they print brutal and bloody images alongside their names on their concert T shirts and then people buy them. And actually wear them. Like I said, I cringe for the men who wear these words and images so close to their skin. Not just because I find them to be aesthetically distasteful (I’m sorry- I do) but because I’m fully aware of the effect that words have on water and we ourselves are 60% water. I cant help but assume that on some level, wearing dis-empowering words so closely to our bodies would make us feel…dis-empowered. I found this great short video demonstrating some of the experiments of Dr. Masuro Emoto who was able to scientifically prove that kind and loving words affected water quite differently than mean and hateful words.

Wearing Words of Beauty Instead
As many of you know, this is the very idea behind the jewelry that we design. Almost all of our pieces include space to add a word or a name because if wearing sweet and loving words against our skin can help change the water chemistry in our bodies for the better, well, that’s a win win. Wearing pretty things makes us feel good; they garner us compliments (which also make us feel good) and as we now know, help to raise our consciousness (which also feels good). So here’s the way I like to look at it: if we make it our goal to feel good most of the time then every little step we take to facilitate this gets us closer to that goal. Ditch the downer words and don the delightful ones. Makes sense to me.
word trilogy_blog
You can find these pieces and many more like it on our website From left to right: Hammered Nuggets, Spellbound Ring, My Love Necklace.

September 5, 2011

Endless Summer Please

It’s Labor Day already which means that summer is coming to a fast close but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few hot and sultry evenings ahead. At least for another few weeks. And in case Fall happens to be reading this–please be slow like a turtle. I’m not ready for shivering just yet.

While there’s still a little warm air to be had, I thought I’d put together a mood board, just for inspiration (or wishful thinking, whichever the case may be!) Break out your shoulder grazing earrings, strapless dresses, strappy sandals and cocktail rings and let’s go dancing.

1. Stunning. and I mean, you’re going to want every single bag he makes–Edward De Lacy

2. Okay, I’m biased but I love these earrings Luscious Metals by Natha Perkins

3. So…I think I’m buying these shoes as soon as I’m done blogging about them. Incredible India

4. Yes, I personally own 5 of these rings and I’m not afraid to admit it. Luscious Metals by Natha Perkins

5. Sexy little black dress. I think that’s all I need to say here. Lamixx

6. What is the perfect outfit without lip gloss? Alchemy Mineral Blends

August 9, 2011

Jewelry Cleaning Time!

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We’re like magpies–those birds notorious for their attraction to shiny objects– we buy jewelry because it sparkles and shines and calls to us. Our new pieces thrill us even just sitting on our dresser, and when we have new metal we wear it and wear it often. Sigh…oh so pretty…. Until one day we look down and notice that the metal is dull and dark, sometimes with a tacky film on it and then guess what happens? We stop wearing it. There’s always that nebulous idea of locating the silver polish and polishing it but it never quite happens. So we move on to newer, brighter, shinier, our poor tarnished piece left to live out the rest of it’s days getting splattered with toothpaste flecks and hanging on for dear life to the bathroom ledge or buried in a dark and dusty jewelry box.

Tarnished, rarely worn and oh so sad.

Silver polish is a messy hassle and buffing cloths are only slightly effective. So how do we clean our pieces? My favorite way to clean jewelry is with a small tuft of the finest grade steel wool you can find. Hardware stores are your best bet (you can find it sometimes in the detergent aisle in the grocery store but it’s usually a very rough grade and it’s usually pre soaped–not what you’re looking for in other words). Steel wool cleaning is really easy, quick and you don’t end up with dried pink grit from left over silver polish in the crevices of your pieces and their chains.

A clean necklace is a happy necklace

1. Take a tuft of steel wool, I like 0000 grade (or 4 aught) 000 (triple aught) will also work but I wouldn’t go much bigger than that or you won’t get as much shine (*please note–if the finish on your piece is a high shine (a highly polished, smooth finish) DO NOT use steel wool…I’ll cover options for that kind of finish below) wet under running water, add a drop of regular dish soap and working in a small circular motion- polish away all tarnish. If you’re polishing a chain, just flatten the steel wool and wrap the wool (taco style) around the chain and run the chain up and down, holding the wool tightly along the chain. When tarnish is gone, rinse the jewelry until it’s soap free and viola!

2. Now, for any piece that’s finished with a high shine, if you use steel wool, it will put tiny scratches in the finish (which won’t ruin in but will change the finish into more of a “brushed” finish and if that isn’t what you want, baking soda is a safer option. Add a few drops (you want a paste consistency) of water to a pile of baking soda. Using a toothbrush, scrub the paste in a circular motion all over the piece you’re working with. This will remove most tarnish and restore a nice healthy glow to your piece. Baking soda isn’t as aggressive as steel wool though so if you can’t get quite the tarnish removal you were hoping for with this technique, you may have to resort to the dreaded silver polish.


Baking Soda


One last thing–did you know that we clean pieces that we’ve made for free? If you’d rather just not be bothered–send your pieces back to our studio and we’ll clean, polish and make any small little repairs necessary to ensure that you keep wearing your pieces for years to come!

PO BOX 782
Louisville Colorado 80026
(please enclose a note with instructions and a return shipping address!)

August 5, 2011

Cosmo spotting!

Our new Slinky Slice Earrings have been spotted in this months Cosmo Magazine!

We are so excited about releasing these new earrings on our website and of course completely THRILLED to have them debut in Cosmo!!

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