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January 23, 2015

Intentional Charms

I haven’t been posting here as much as I’ve wanted to but sometimes life is like that.  There’s always an ebb and flow,  sometimes the tide is high and all you can do is watch; other times the tide is low and you have plenty of time to gather and create and act.  I’ve found that at least for me, I can’t predict what any given month will bring and I’m okay with that because I don’t like monotony anyway.

I wanted to share a really fun project I got to work on for an old friend.  She contacted me about making a charm bracelet.  Although she didn’t exactly say it in so many words, I think she wanted this piece to help re-inspire her.  I recognized in her description of what she wanted a yearning for something more, some deeper sense of meaning.  I think many of us reach a point in our lives where we’ve achieved so many of the things we aspired to, we’ve travelled, found love, given birth to children or careers and yet we find ourselves at a crossroads.  Knowing that we have it all and still longing for more, something we can’t quite put our fingers on.  It’s almost as if our lives “come up for review” and though it often feels painful and confusing, it gives us  the push we need to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves.

photo-4This bracelet has stones in the colors of a sunset and every charm (including a custom one we made for her) represents something specific to her and her life, something that she’s grateful for and inspired by.  There is so much power and energy in this piece and I truly believe it will help guide her in the next leg of her journey, as all amulets do.

July 11, 2014

Workshop Series

Sex workshop
We’re excited to announce the beginning of a series of cool workshops where we collaborate with amazing women from our community and combine what they know: Reiki, yoga, food, beauty, music etc. with what we know: art. All of the workshops will have components of inner-work, self healing and integration through art.

This is exciting for me because as many of you know, alongside developing my business into a lifestyle brand where we make and sell intentional jewelry, (jewelry that is specifically meant to empower and have meaning to it’s wearer), Ive also been training and working as a Certified Life Coach. In trying to find a cohesive way to integrate my art and jewelry design background with my interest in helping people (women specifically) re-discover themselves, I decided that a great way to begin the process was to begin hosting workshops where both of my passions could be supported and developed while also promoting other healers in my community. It feels like a win-win.

The First one is Called Your Inner Sexual Goddess and is being held in Boulder Colorado on July 19 from 10am-2pm. I will be co- teaching this one with Janet Raftis of Totem Guidance. Janet is a Reiki practitioner among other things and I’m super excited to get to work with her! If you’re in the Boulder-Denver area, come join us! If not, the plan is to eventually do workshops around the country so if you’re someone who is interested in collaborating with me to produce a workshop in your city, email us at

September 12, 2013

The Divine ~ Align Collection

divine align promotion

I am so excited to launch this collection. I have always created jewelry around the idea of making wearable amulets. I understand the importance of what we wear and how even our jewelry can impact us. Before I wrote this post, I went through my files and read through a handful of interviews that I’ve done through the years. I was looking specifically for the question “What inspires you?” I found that while my answers have varied, they have all been very similarly focused on the idea of producing pieces that have deep, long lasting meaning.

What inspires you in your jewellery designs?
“I am inspired largely by what is happening in my life but more specifically I am inspired by words. Language is such a lovely thing, the way you can convey a certain feeling with just a word or two. Almost all of my pieces have at least one word if not many to invoke some sort of resonance with their eventual owners”. —Style Eyes Blog

We discussed trendy statement jewelry. Natha believes in more than a statement piece and rather a statement collection.
“It’s not about a specific piece. I think every woman needs a little collection of jewelry that are absolute treasures to her. We all need a few pieces that brings back lovely memories of an era in our lives or remind us of that one time, or that one man. A piece that we can always put on to help us feel beautiful and confident.” –

SD: Where do you turn for inspiration for your designs?

NP: I love colors. I am also really influenced by words, passion, and magical imagery. I envision my jewelry pieces becoming treasured objects and amulets for their owners so I try to tell open ended stories through the use of words, colors and shapes. I want these elements to enchant you and resonate personally so when you wear your piece, it has specific meaning to you as well as giving you something pretty to wear and look at. —Indiepublic

star group_promotion

So this collection, called Divine ~ Align is very in keeping with that emphasis. A section of the press release for this collection reads: “In keeping with our mission to empower women in every-day ways, we’ve designed our new collection Divine ~ Align. We’ve created pieces that are full of symbolism and meaning and we encourage you, our beautiful customer to fully customize your purchase by choosing your words, details and stone colors. We want the jewelry we make for you to function as a power piece; an amulet to signify and support where you are in your life. This line is simple, clean and artful. Every piece is highly significant in relation to the ideas of following your path, finding yourself and looking inward; all relevant themes for women in our culture today”.
turquoise promo

Check out the collection and see what you think. Every piece is beautiful and we put deep thought into the specific symbolism and healing properties of each shape and stone we’ve included. The word that keeps coming into my head around this collection is Celebration. I’m celebrating a new collection, new additions to my business, and a brand new excitement around the idea of consciously creating my life and helping other women do the same. Stay tuned to the blog because I have some great posts coming up and we will be hosting a celebratory giveaway soon too.

Thank you all as always for your support,


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