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March 20, 2015


This was taken for a jewelry shoot we did a few years ago by Beth Sanders and it’s one of my favorites.
natha (15 of 172) Beth Sanders is a visual storyteller.  She takes astonishing images and she’s like the very best parts of your mother, best friend, coach, mentor and teacher all in one.  This woman makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera and that’s important; if you don’t feel confident as the photo is being taken, guess what?  It’ll show in the finished product.  This is why the subjects of her photos all look so damn good- they feel good as they’re being photographed.  So these days she’s doing way more than just photographing people.  She’s just launched something new.  It’s called The Worthiness Project with partner Marlene Zaleznick.  Marlene and Beth work closely with women who are exhausted with the task of hating their bodies.

I am hard pressed to find a woman over the age of 12 who doesn’t have at least a small amount of criticism regarding her body.  I see it surface all the time as I coach clients and I see it in myself and my friends.  We’re living in a culture in which body shame is is accepted and expected.  We hear our mother’s lamenting over their imperfect bodies and we learn that we must do that too.  We see that same sentiment repeated over and over in the media and modeled by our peers and figure it must be normal.

And where this steady diet of body shame used to be an accepted norm for females, I have begun to see and meet many women  that are tired of that paradigm.  These women are refusing to perpetuate the self hatred.  They’re doing the inner work so that they can take back their power and their own perception of themselves.

Through a unique combination of body centered, empowerment coaching and art photography, Beth and Marlene are helping their clients do just that.  The images of their work that I’ve seen and the stories I’v heard them tell (with the permission of their clients of course) have all been profoundly moving.   If you’re tired of hating your body and you’re ready to see your yourself in a new and appreciative light, check out The Worthiness Project for more information.

July 19, 2014

Lucky Nights

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colorado clouds

When I was younger, I used describe the extravagant celebrations that I imagined the fairies were having in the sunset clouds. I explained that their magical parties full of firecrackers and dancing were actually what created the beautiful sunset colors.

Now-a-days when I spot sunset clouds like these; clouds that are shot through with rays of the sun, I always imagine them to be angel clouds. They just seem to embody the light and presence that angels seem like they must have. There’s something that feels very right, and very much like a gift for that matter about getting to gaze at sunset clouds like these. Like finding a lucky penny or a beautiful feather or a seeing a shooting star.

October 24, 2013

8 Pointed Star Week and lots of excitement!

There’s such a good story behind our 8 Point Star necklace and Uncommon Goods thinks so too. Do you know about the cool online catalog called Uncommon Goods? If you don’t, it’s high time you do. We just made the final rounds for the Uncommon Goods Jewelry Contest and we’re pretty excited! Our 8-pointed Star is the piece that made the cut- Check it out and vote for us!
8 point star side view

Our 8 Pointed Star holds a special place in my heart. The very first one I made, left on a journey, venturing out into the wide wide world and ultimately came back home, content to live out his days in familiar surroundings (read the story here…)

When we made the finals in the contest, Emily, our liaison with Uncommon Goods asked me to write a short product story about the necklace and it got me to thinking. As most of you know, I’ve been designing intentional jewelry from the beginning. I became particularly interested in symbolism when I started to pay attention to the way the world presented itself to me. I’ve had so many different phases in my life where things showed up repeatedly. Sometimes it was a certain animal or shape, other times it was a name or a song or an object. It started off years ago when I was in Mexico on my honeymoon. A big fat Raven came and landed on my chair and looked me straight in the eye for 20 seconds. It was an intense, heartfelt connection and neither of us moved. When he finally flew away, I turned to my husband and said that bird was trying to tell me something. Later that day at an internet cafe, I checked my email and found that my dear Grandpa Dan had died hours before. I knew without a doubt that the Raven had been bringing me that message. I’ve often felt like it may have been the spirit of my Grandpa coming to say goodbye. I continued to see ravens throughout the whole trip and still do actually. They hold a special place in my heart. Many years later, when I told the story to a friend, she told me to look up the symbolism of Ravens and sure enough, it resonated completely. From that point on, I became fascinated with the signs and signals the universe was constantly sending me.

queen and the beet

Love this Raven from Trumbly Designs on Etsy

Back to the 8 Pointed Star. A few years ago, I started seeing this star everywhere. I had never even known there was an 8 pointed star until suddenly, it was everywhere I looked. When I researched the symbolism, this is what I found:

The Eight Pointed Star is an ancient and universal symbol, as well as the first compass in the history of humanity. It guides your way to a new life, giving you clarity of vision to see the future through a lens of hope, healing and beauty. It also bestows nurturing energies. A symbol of optimism, 8 pointed star assures you that unexpected help is coming and serves to help bring about a renewal of good fortune in the material world.

I fell in love with the meaning and like all good artists do when they’re inspired; I decided to make a piece of jewelry using the symbol. It turned out beautifully and then I forgot about it. If you read the earlier post I talked about above, you know that I sold it and it was gone. I didn’t think anything of it until a few months later, I got very ill. It was some kind of flu and after 2 weeks, it wasn’t getting better. I was sick, depressed and totally fearful. I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t take care of my kids and I couldn’t work. It was devastating and I had no idea what I was going to do. I dragged myself to the doctor (again) and as I was sitting in the examination room on the verge of breakdown, I looked up and saw a beautifully framed Tarot card hanging on the wall. The Star Card.
tarot star
I was so touched that I got teary. Because I knew the symbolism of that particular star (notice 8 of them on this card), I knew that it was another message from the universe to have hope and that everything was going to be just fine. Relief.

So you see, when Whitney and I started developing the Divine ~ Align Collection, in which every piece holds a specific symbolic meaning, I knew we had to include an 8 pointed Star. I knew that we needed to offer a piece that our customers could wear to remind them to have hope and trust that they were indeed taken care of and that everything would ultimately turn out just fine. Looks like it was a good idea!

Now, don’t forget to click through to Uncommon Goods and vote for us and our little star! Thank you!

~ Natha

October 15, 2013

Host a Trunk Show

summer shot 2
We are currently booking Luscious Metals trunk shows for the holiday season. Maybe you’d like to host one? If you live in the Denver/Boulder/Front Range (ish-y) area, and are considering having your girlfriends over for something holiday-esque or you work in an office that could use an exciting lunch hour activity or you just need an excuse to have a party and show off your cool taste in handmade earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces and the fact that you know (or will know, after you’ve had us at your party) some fun jewelry designers, then let’s talk trunk shows!

Here’s how it works:

1. You decide to host a party (gathering, trunk show, exhibit, office shin-dig, whatever)
2. You invite your friends
3. We show up with jewelry, displays and everything else that we need to create a pop-up store.

cute NS girls
What’s in it for you?

1. We specially price the pieces we sell at your trunk show. The pieces we bring to show and sell are typically marked down between 20% and 30% so you can promise your guests quite the deal!*

2. We bring pieces from collections that you can find online as well as well as a number of one-of-a-kind pieces. We tend to have a lot of pieces in stock that never go on the website because that’s one of our favorite ways to work.

3. When you host the trunk show, you receive an automatic $125 credit towards any jewelry we bring and for every $500 your friends purchase, you receive another $50 in credit.

4. The jewelry you and your friends choose will be available the night of the show, cash (or cc) and carry. Unless you order something custom, please expect to be taking home your goodies that very night!

*If you are a retail store and are considering hosting us at a trunk show, our policies on discounting pieces and jewelry credits in exchange for sales vary a little so please email us at customerservice[at] and we can email you our wholesale/consignment policies as they relate to in-store trunk shows.

If you want to host a show- email me at and we can discuss dates!

August 28, 2013

“You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself”

I got this fortune and I laughed out loud. It was one of those cringy laughs though because for as long as I can remember, I was that person who thought that I had to do it, make it, be it all. I was a wife, a stay at home mom, a small business owner, a friend and a doting daughter (to 4 parents). I grocery shopped, cooked meals, cleaned the bathrooms, swept the floor, woke up at night to feed the baby, woke up early to play with the toddler, hung out with my husband, did the dishes, handled the bills, worked in my studio making jewelry during nap time, worked on the computer doing marketing and designing packaging after the kids were in bed, hosted dinner parties, met girlfriends for coffee, sold my jewelry to stores and at trunk shows, spent time with my parents regularly and even went on weekly walks with my 90+ year old grandmother. I was the CEO of the house, an entrepreneur and all around complete over achiever. Annnnd…. I was falling apart. I was suffering from anxiety and I was tired and bitchy. I was unhappy, ungrateful and running on fumes. I couldn’t enjoy my life, my kids, my relationships or my business. All because of this misguided belief that I needed to be everything to everyone, that I was somehow responsible for making sure the universe didn’t fall apart. The world was truly on my shoulders and in all honesty, I didn’t even know it because I couldn’t see it. I do know that I never slowed down. I never even sat down unless it was to drive or pee.

It took a devastating heartbreak, some scary health crises, a number of years, and a LOT of introspection and inner reflection to get a handle on my over-scheduling and over-doing and it’s still a work in progress. I’ve had to learn how to ask for help (gasp!). I’ve had to learn to practice the art of recieving (gasp!). I’ve had to get clear on what I want, and then actually go for it (gasp!). I’ll go into more detail on how I learned to do those things in my next series of blog posts titled Success, but to fast forward, when I was evaluating my business this year and trying to decide where I wanted to take it, I knew that I wasn’t willing to wear every single hat in the business anymore. I’ve been referring to “us” at Luscious Metals as “we” since I hired my first assistant in 2008 but when my last assistant left in 2011, I never replaced her and so “we” has really been “me”. But I’m an over achiever remember? I can design and make and package and ship and stock and sell and blog and email my butt off and still have time to take care of 2 kids and a house and have a life. Right? Right?

No. The answer is no. Not anymore anyway. Not if I want to have a life that I like and can relax in. Not if I want to be in a good mood and enjoy my kids and have my health. That much I (finally) understand. So guess what? I hired someone and not just an assistant. I hired someone who is going to come in an co-create and co-design and co-help with everything. She also happens to be an amazing metalsmith with a vision and a plan for success. Everyone, meet Whitney Santamaria.

Whitney is here to help Luscious Metals grow and thrive and prosper and you can read her bio here. She is fresh out of art school with a shiny new BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, from Metro State University of Denver, and she graduated under the same professor that I had (and that means she’s good because Yuko Yagasawa has some of the highest standards of any professor I’ve ever taken classes from). Whitney is also going to take over some of the social media responsibilities so you’ll start hearing from her around here too. I’m planning to teach her what I know about business and she’s going to move into more and more responsibility as we gear up for our holiday season.

So this is an exciting time for both of us and for Luscious Metals. We have a brand new line designed for our fall season and we are planning to sell jewelry like never before. We’re also getting ready to change our brand up a little bit and move into being a lifestyle brand which means we’re becoming so much more than jewelry. More about that soon. For now though, help me welcome the beautiful Whitney on board and let’s raise our glasses to the fact that I no longer have any plans to make them all myself.

~ Natha

February 11, 2013

Orange Juicy

For my 22nd birthday party, I held an Orange Party. Everyone had to wear the color orange and it was one of my favorite birthdays ever. We didn’t have a cake like this because we were all young and when you’re young, details like providing food at parties tends to just slip through the cracks. We did have some orange vodka there though I think, so we were on theme in that respect.

Anyway, back to my old lover; the color orange. There are so many shades of orange, and unlike a few other colors I could name (like pink. Ahem, dusty rose and mauve) I have never met a shade of orange I didn’t like. If orange was a temperature, it would be both warm and hot. If it were a flavor, it would be tangy and juicy. Orange can be sweet and spicy and anything that’s orange just tastes really good! At least in my opinion. Orange is a chameleon color. It changes so easily from warm to cool on the color wheel, and it all depends on what shades you use it with (this actually stands true for every color but especially for orange). Let’s say you have a fruit bowl filled with tangerines cherries and lemons. The colors would make a hot palette. Check out how warm this orange is compared to the next one:

Next to it, you have a desert offering of blueberry ice cream, cantaloupe and some fresh basil, this combination of shades creates a decidedly cooler palette, See?

Orange sapphires and aquamarine will cool you down, carnelian and garnets will warm you up. See how this works? Speaking of gemstones, we’re still in the middle of our 7 Weeks of Rainbows celebration
and that means we’re giving away a pair of shimmering gemstone earrings every week. This week, we have some hot faceted carnelian earrings up for grabs. The entry form is below and don’t forget–we are posting daily doses of color on our Facebook page. We have beautiful images, cool facts about colors and more. Join us!

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February 5, 2013

Red Week!

It’s red week! Oh how I love red. I love the fire and heat, I love the energy and sex appeal. It’s such a rich, vibrant color with so many natural and cultural connotations. Red is the rich color of rubies and roses, red wine and sports cars, lipstick and blood. It’s the color of danger and excitement.

While I love the thrill of spice and danger, I’m also an eat my veggies kind of girl and I find it incredibly satisfying to eat red fruit. There’s just something delightful about biting into plump red strawberries and sour raspberries, and cooking with tomatoes, red peppers and cayenne. Is there any surprise that we connect the color red to heat? Chili peppers and salsa anyone?

Shades of red warm up rooms, cheer people up, sex people up and energize us too. When shades of red are coupled with green, the complimentary combinations force the eye to see the colors in a saturated vibrancy that neither color could ever quite achieve on it’s own.

Scientists say red, more than other color, provokes clearly identifiable reactions in human beings and I believe it. It certainly sparks me. Don’t forget, we’re giving away garnets this week, enter below to win!
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October 4, 2012

The (incredible) lightness of being

Our Winged Heart is in a beautiful Etsy treasury! I love getting included in Etsy treasuries and this particular one especially. The very title is so fitting with the direction my work has gone in terms of making pieces centered around manifestation and mindfulness. I’m also in awe of the visual aspect of the treasury as a whole. Not only do the silky blue and dusty ivory color palette remind me of oceans, sands, angels and skies; but the artists pieces whom she has also featured delight me. Take a look at The Fox Prince (I’m in love and he’s a FOX!). Plus I’m all about making wishes, so this aptly titled Make a Wish dandelion photograph also makes perfect sense. Thank you Griselda from Awesome Art, lovely work!

‘ Lightness of Being’ by awesomeart

“Love begins with a metaphor. Which is to say, love begins at the point when a woman enters her first word into our poetic memory.”― Milan Kundera

light as a feather …

ViNtAgE Bundle of L…

Three Minds – Origi…

Butterfly Series .0…

Lightness Becomes Y…

Fool Tarot original…

Winged Heart

Fuzzy echeveria in …

Evening Poppies – 8…

Make A Wish – Dande…

Antique Needlepoint…

Shell 8×10 Color Ph…

Passion in the Gard…

The Little Fox Prin…

Living Nature – Fea…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

July 27, 2012

Lemondrop Vintage Giveaway!

We’ve partnered with a super stylie blog called
Lemondrop Vintage. I told Marie, who is the super stylie lady behind this pretty little site, that I’m selective about who we work with when we do giveaways; I like to partner with really beautiful websites–what can I say? Lemondrop delivers of course…So If you’d like to win a sweet little handmade piece of jewelry from Luscious Metals, a Swallow Necklace like the one Marie is modeling so perfectly to be precise, visit Lemondrop Vintage and follow the instructions. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

July 24, 2012

Super cool, really custom, totally unique necklace charms!

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A few months ago, the lovely Martie from Connecticut contacted me wanting my help in creating a meaningful, custom piece of jewelry she could wear every day to represent her beloved parents. We emailed back and forth coming up with various ideas until we settled on 2 charm ideas. The first one, a daisy to represent her mom and the second a footprint to represent her dad. I researched images of both until I found 2 that she liked. Then, in the studio, we cut those shapes out of recycled sterling silver and soldered them onto sterling plates so that the charms would have some uniformity in size and shape. Martie had the really cool idea of sending me copies of both of her parents handwriting so that we could etch the writing onto the back sides of the charms. She chose yellow topaz and purple amethyst to hang alongside the charms as they were her parents birthstones (and then we added a quartz crystal too just for visual balance).

And the response from Martie when she received her piece? “Natha, I got my necklace over the weekend! I absolutely LOVE IT! You could not have captured it more perfectly! I have received tons of compliments on your work and I tell each and every one of them where it was created.”

You are so welcome Martie, This is what makes me so love creating so much…

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