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March 5, 2013

Green like the grass…

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The final weeks of winter are upon us which means rolling fields and leaves of green are on the horizon. Green is my favorite color and coming from a self described color addict, that’s saying something. I like it in emerald, chartreuse, pine, lime, zucchini and pickle (for a start). It a color that represents freshness, new beginnings, health and vibrancy.

Source: via Faye on Pinterest

In color theory, green is considered a secondary color, meaning that its created by mixing 2 primary colors together (blue and yellow). One of the main principles in color theory is “harmony”. In visual experiences, harmony is something that is pleasing to the eye. It engages the viewer and it creates an inner sense of order, a balance in the esthetic experience. The greens on any color palette are consistently the most harmonious alongside any color. Now, this is strictly my personal opinion (but it’s true!). Using nature as an example: Find a color in nature that isn’t complimented by its naturally green backdrop. Next to impossible right?

Source: via Faye on Pinterest

As most of you know, we’re in the middle of our “7 Weeks of Rainbows” celebration which means that we’re celebrating color in all of it’s glorious shades. We’re also giving away a pair of earrings a week (in the color of the week) to a lucky winner. So far, we’ve done garnets (juicy and berry red), carnelian (fiery orange) and citrine (bright, honey colored yellow). This wek, we’re doing green apple quartz! Remember that quartz is one of the most powerful stones you can wear, especially right next to your brain (aka ears). Quartz is the stone of clarity and wearing it helps to enhance your own personal clarity. So we’re combining the harmony of the color green and the clarity of the quartz crystal. Should be a power duo! Enter below. Remember too, to check out our facebook page for daily eye candy in the shades of the week.
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February 20, 2013

Yellow Girl

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I’ve been gazing at yellow images for a few weeks now and I never realized how much I love this color. I think if happy was a color, it would be yellow. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this implicit sense of relationship between people and colors. To me, every person seems to have a color of their own and one of my favorite people on the planet is yellow. Even before my youngest daughter was born I thought of her as a yellow baby. I can’t explain why, but I just knew that this child was going to vibrate the color yellow, and I was right. She is happy and energetic and fiery and she even has blonde hair.

Yellow just makes me feel good. It’s the color of the sun and warmth and lemons and butter. It’s smiley faces and Big Bird and brick roads and submarines. It’s daisies, daffodils and falling leaves and gold. I’m waxing poetic about yellow at this point, I know. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m downright gushing but as I look around my house and my world, I see so much of this beautiful color. When I take a minute to tune into my connotations around it, I realize that I can’t think of a single negative yellow association.

Speaking of shiny happy yellow, we have a pair of golden citrine earrings we’re giving away this week. Enter below to win. Also, we’re posting daily yellow love on our facebook page so be sure to check us out there too!

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February 11, 2013

Orange Juicy

For my 22nd birthday party, I held an Orange Party. Everyone had to wear the color orange and it was one of my favorite birthdays ever. We didn’t have a cake like this because we were all young and when you’re young, details like providing food at parties tends to just slip through the cracks. We did have some orange vodka there though I think, so we were on theme in that respect.

Anyway, back to my old lover; the color orange. There are so many shades of orange, and unlike a few other colors I could name (like pink. Ahem, dusty rose and mauve) I have never met a shade of orange I didn’t like. If orange was a temperature, it would be both warm and hot. If it were a flavor, it would be tangy and juicy. Orange can be sweet and spicy and anything that’s orange just tastes really good! At least in my opinion. Orange is a chameleon color. It changes so easily from warm to cool on the color wheel, and it all depends on what shades you use it with (this actually stands true for every color but especially for orange). Let’s say you have a fruit bowl filled with tangerines cherries and lemons. The colors would make a hot palette. Check out how warm this orange is compared to the next one:

Next to it, you have a desert offering of blueberry ice cream, cantaloupe and some fresh basil, this combination of shades creates a decidedly cooler palette, See?

Orange sapphires and aquamarine will cool you down, carnelian and garnets will warm you up. See how this works? Speaking of gemstones, we’re still in the middle of our 7 Weeks of Rainbows celebration
and that means we’re giving away a pair of shimmering gemstone earrings every week. This week, we have some hot faceted carnelian earrings up for grabs. The entry form is below and don’t forget–we are posting daily doses of color on our Facebook page. We have beautiful images, cool facts about colors and more. Join us!

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February 5, 2013

Red Week!

It’s red week! Oh how I love red. I love the fire and heat, I love the energy and sex appeal. It’s such a rich, vibrant color with so many natural and cultural connotations. Red is the rich color of rubies and roses, red wine and sports cars, lipstick and blood. It’s the color of danger and excitement.

While I love the thrill of spice and danger, I’m also an eat my veggies kind of girl and I find it incredibly satisfying to eat red fruit. There’s just something delightful about biting into plump red strawberries and sour raspberries, and cooking with tomatoes, red peppers and cayenne. Is there any surprise that we connect the color red to heat? Chili peppers and salsa anyone?

Shades of red warm up rooms, cheer people up, sex people up and energize us too. When shades of red are coupled with green, the complimentary combinations force the eye to see the colors in a saturated vibrancy that neither color could ever quite achieve on it’s own.

Scientists say red, more than other color, provokes clearly identifiable reactions in human beings and I believe it. It certainly sparks me. Don’t forget, we’re giving away garnets this week, enter below to win!
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