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March 6, 2015

And another one! Goals Class 3.0

Okay I’m releasing another Secret to Achieving Your Goals class!  It starts Monday April 6 and meets from 1-2pm MST for 12 consecutive weeks.  This is a tele-course so anyone can take it.  Have you been looking for something?  Knowing there was something out there that could make you feel better, change your perspective, shift your life?  Well, consider this your sign.  This is what you’ve been looking for.  Oooh I have the chills just typing that.  Check out this link for more information and to register.  goals class promoOh and guess what- this class is on sale for $125!!  But not for long– I don’t know when TSTLC (I teach this class through them) will be ending the sale so act fast!  If you have any questions please message me, I would love to connect with you and answer them.  natha(at)

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