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November 18, 2012

A sweet story of stars and syncronicity

I can distinctly remember the pieces that I’ve made that were “meant to be mine” that I sold on a whim and later regretted. Two of them were literally purchased off of my neck by women on the street that fell in love with them and one of them I sent off to be in a collection for an art show in California. I was trying to round out the collection and didn’t have the time to create a bunch of new pieces so I went hunting through my studio, looking for previously made odds and ends to use. I make bunches of pendants and charms and interesting little wire wrapped faceted stone thing-ees and the like that don’t immediately end up in the pieces I sell. Some of them are experiments and some are just products of whatever concept was striking my fancy on a particular day. At any rate, I sent off this beautiful 8 pointed star set with a faceted quartz which happens to be the stone of clarity (something that I feel I’m always seeking) and it sold (which didn’t surprise me) and I felt a little sad about it (because I did indeed love that piece.)

So one day I get an email from a woman who had purchased a piece at that very California show, telling me that her piece had broken and might she exchange it for a custom piece, which I said was fine etc. Well I hadn’t asked her which piece it was that had broken so when I opened her return package and saw my little beautiful star, I was so excited to see that my old friend had returned! I knew that the piece was meant to be mine after all.

So I fixed my star, created a customized inscribed necklace (see below) for this lovely lady using some initial charms that she had previously owned and incorporating some of her favorite power words and (a star!) and also the name of her beloved. I think it was a win win for both of us, and I’ve hardly taken my star off!

The end!

July 24, 2012

Super cool, really custom, totally unique necklace charms!

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A few months ago, the lovely Martie from Connecticut contacted me wanting my help in creating a meaningful, custom piece of jewelry she could wear every day to represent her beloved parents. We emailed back and forth coming up with various ideas until we settled on 2 charm ideas. The first one, a daisy to represent her mom and the second a footprint to represent her dad. I researched images of both until I found 2 that she liked. Then, in the studio, we cut those shapes out of recycled sterling silver and soldered them onto sterling plates so that the charms would have some uniformity in size and shape. Martie had the really cool idea of sending me copies of both of her parents handwriting so that we could etch the writing onto the back sides of the charms. She chose yellow topaz and purple amethyst to hang alongside the charms as they were her parents birthstones (and then we added a quartz crystal too just for visual balance).

And the response from Martie when she received her piece? “Natha, I got my necklace over the weekend! I absolutely LOVE IT! You could not have captured it more perfectly! I have received tons of compliments on your work and I tell each and every one of them where it was created.”

You are so welcome Martie, This is what makes me so love creating so much…

June 27, 2012

Meaningful jewelry; stories, wishes, memories.

I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction- like attracts like- but it never ceases to amaze me when I see direct evidence of the theory arising in my life. After my last post about the power of being recognized for the positivity you bring to those around you, I received this email from a lovely new customer “I just wanted to say how comfortable and confident I am in your work. How you create for celebrities and simple people like myself- and yet I can tell, thru your words, that great care gets put into both! Not sure if you knew that about how you write. And the message you convey about your love for your work, is heard loud and clear..” Isn’t that cool?!

This woman contacted me because she wanted to design a really special necklace to celebrate her new baby (see a picture of it above). She told me that she had been trying to conceive for 8 years and had finally been successful…she’s simply over the moon with happiness and delight over this hard won little boy. This is one of the very reasons I love the medium I work in. Jewelry has such immense power. In every culture it represents beauty, intention, commemoration of momentous events. Think wedding rings, class rings, sweet 16 gifts, anniversary gifts etc. I personally have a little tradition where I buy jewelry when I’m on vacation, and every time I wear a piece, I’m reminded of that adventure. (see some of my vacation jewelry below)

Have you ever sat with your grandmother or mother and had her tell you the stories surrounding her jewelry? Special jewelry tells the tales of generations; hopes, wishes, achievements… it triggers memories and we need that. There’s so much power in our personal stories and in the stories of those that came before us. I’m pleased and privileged to have the opportunity to create these kinds of special pieces for people out in the world (see these previous posts: Petra co-pilot, 7 rings, just to name a few) and the custom orders keep coming in! I have a great one to blog about next time, so check back soon. If you’d like us to design something special to celebrate an occasion in your life, Check out my website for some ideas and email me at I can’t wait to work with you!

May 28, 2012

Wise words to live by…

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