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July 19, 2014

Lucky Nights

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colorado clouds

When I was younger, I used describe the extravagant celebrations that I imagined the fairies were having in the sunset clouds. I explained that their magical parties full of firecrackers and dancing were actually what created the beautiful sunset colors.

Now-a-days when I spot sunset clouds like these; clouds that are shot through with rays of the sun, I always imagine them to be angel clouds. They just seem to embody the light and presence that angels seem like they must have. There’s something that feels very right, and very much like a gift for that matter about getting to gaze at sunset clouds like these. Like finding a lucky penny or a beautiful feather or a seeing a shooting star.

November 2, 2012

Angel Wing Giveaway!

Both man and Mother Nature seem to be at odds with the idea of peace and tranquility right now don’t they? In my home state of Colorado alone we’ve had devastating fires, a nightmarish shooting spree and a heart sickening abduction. Now we’re watching as the east coast struggles to pick up the pieces left from the damage that super-storm Sandy wrought. To top it all off, across the country we’ve been inundated for weeks now with political mudslinging and we’re all becoming more aware of where we as individuals stand on issues like human rights, genetically modified food and the vast disparity between the rich and the poor. Phew!

I believe that the best balm for soothing ourselves around senseless tragedy and devastating natural disaster is the idea of people coming together, depending on each other and also calling on divine energy to guide us and help us emerge stronger and with more effective tools for creating peace and harmony. So with this idea in mind, I’ve decided to gift 3 lucky people one of our Angel Wing Necklaces to wear around their neck as a reminder that we all have angels and guides nearby to help answer our questions, ease our fears and help us make good decisions. It’s my way of sending some support out into the world. If you’ve read my artist statement on, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in the law of attraction (like attracts like), which means that if we wear little talismans that represent strength, wisdom, support (or whatever the case may be) that we bring those qualities to ourselves as a result. So, if you’d like to enter to win your own talisman, you can do so RIGHT HERE. There is also a free shipping code there for you if the idea of a ‘power amulet’ sounds like a good one to you– we have many different necklaces, rings and bracelets (that are fully customizable!) on Luscious that are designed specifically with this intention. The contest ends Nov. 14 so be speedy and share with your friends too! Until then, hang in there and be well…

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