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January 30, 2013

7 weeks or Rainbows

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We’re in the coldest part of winter which means cold and drab and shades of gray and white, everywhere we look. In the interest of bringing some color, beauty, light and happiness into the winter, we’re hosting a 7 weeks of Rainbows celebration! Week by week, we’ll be concentrating on a different shade and will be be sharing beautiful photographs, interesting tidbits on color theory and history of color symbolism and (this is the best part…) starting at the end of red week, we’ll be giving away 1 pair of our Rainbow Gemstone Earrings, in our focus color for that week to one lucky person! The first contest ends Feb 10th so be sure to enter yourself win a pair of juicy gemstone earrings!

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For those of you that like details–they are as follows;

Jan 28- rainbow week
Feb 4-red week (ripe red garnet earrings up for grabs)
Feb 10 orange week (win some fiery carnelian earrings)
Feb 18 yellow (honey colored citrine earrings anyone?)
Feb 25 green (crisp green apple quartz earrings please!)
Mar 4 blue (for someone who loves icy blue chalcedony)
Mar 11 purple (Juicy grape amethyst earrings are the prize this week)

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