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October 3, 2013


Natha CEO
Now that Whitney is here and heading production, it’s freed me up to concentrate on some other things and one of my favorites is marketing and PR. I’ve been “an artist” for so long that it requires some mind bending on my part to begin thinking of myself as doing “public relations and marketing”. I always looked at those things as (I’ll admit it)…out of my league. While art was so easy and effortless for me, things that fell into the “business” category sort of made me panic. But look at me now! I’m marketing and I’m pretty good at it! It’s a fun change for me and I’m really embracing it. One of the great things about getting older and more ‘mature’ (sidenote: my maturity isn’t that obvious when it comes to my sense of humor, ask my kids) is that my perception of myself is morphing. Things I always thought were out of my realm are totally accessible now. Marketing, consulting, even power yoga. I still can’t do algebra and I get irritable with my kids and I forget my keys in the door lock all the time, but whatever. There’s something really satisfying about being in a place where I can overlook mistakes and access gratitude for all that I have. I’m finding myself caring less and less about what other people think and being much more concerned with what I think. I just don’t need the external validation the way I used to. Interestingly enough, the less I need approval from people, the more I approve of myself, the more I approve of myself, the more external approval I get. Isn’t that funny?
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Speaking of approval, we’ve been getting great feedback on our new Divine Align Collection and I’m lining up a number of new promotions, a new “Item of the Week” collection where we offer 20% off on a different piece each week and discounts make people happy, right? Find those specials posted on our Facebook page. We’re running a “Real-Life-Beauty” campaign this month so make sure to either send us pics of you wearing Luscious Metals jewelry or post them yourself on Facebook or Instagram and tag us in them! Easy! There will be a contest at the end of the month for everyone who sends us a picture. I’m also working on partnerships with some big name blogs, some local Boulder projects and there may even be a design contest or two involved. See, I told you I love marketing!


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