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July 4, 2015

The Time Is Now

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Divine Feminine_blog post

The energy of the divine feminine has begun to throb and pulse, can you feel it?

Our feminine energy has been in a state of oppression  for thousands of years.  When you check in with the quality of it, you feel power and strength but underneath it, you’ll find fear and shame.  Take a minute and feel into it for yourself.  You don’t have to be a woman to get a sense of it, men can feel it too.  Because we live in a universe of contrast, any time something like deep repression exists, there will also be the capacity and desire for the opposite, which in this case is freedom.  We’ve reached a point in time where our desire to experience this freedom has grown so strong that we’re all starting to feel it, and it won’t go away.  The tides have begun to shift (and have now for some time).  Rise up…rise up… is the call so many of us are hearing.  So why would an entire demographic of people allow themselves to be repressed for so long in the first place?  The simple answer is fear.  Fearful people are easily controlled.

The beauty of this urge for freedom is that it requires us to face those fears that have kept us small and silent.   Only once we examine our fears, understand them and move through them can we truly step into our most powerful selves.

But how do we do that?

-We let the fear be there without trying to run from it, numb it or repress it.

-We check in with how it makes us feel when we see women being shamed or admired for the way their bodies look.

-We notice what comes up when we feel our own judgement around the sexual activities of other women or of ourselves.

-We open our eyes to our feelings and we acknowledge it when we feel unsafe, sad, angry, deficient or incredibly sexy, highly intelligent or unstoppable.

When we become aware of our own personal experience to the divine feminine, we step into our power and become the change that we wish to see in the world.  It’s both as simple and as complicated as that.

Are you ready?

This is one of my favorite realms to work with my clients in.   Fears, belief systems and the inherent power to change.  Are you ready to start moving through your fears?  Click here to get signed up for a free call with me.








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