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May 22, 2015

Mercury Retrograde


Fluorite is a balancing stone and excellent for use during Mercury Retrograde.

It used to be that I didn’t know Mercury Retrograde even existed.  To think of all those years that I hummed merrily along and never stopped to think about the stars at all!  In my world, there was no rhyme or reason. Things happened to me (as if I had nothing to do with it) and I went with the flow… unless of course I went against it.

I didn’t know that I was a co-creator or that there was this wonderful thing outside of me, outside of the world even, that existed and brought a specific rhythm to the planet, the pull of the tides, the emotions of the humans.

But now I know that there’s more.

The alignment of the stars, the rotation of the planets all have specific and direct effects on, well everything.  We are currently in a period called Mercury Retrograde.  I’m sure you’ve heard that term as it seems to be everywhere I look right now and it also seems to be effecting everyone.  I hear cries of “watch out!” and “oh no!” every time our friend Planet Mercury stations in the sky and appears to go backward for a few weeks.  Mercury is after all the fastest moving planet and it does rule over all kinds of communication (among other things).  So when it goes retrograde, it can make life, especially the parts of life that fall in the realm of communication (electronics, relationships, travel etc.) go a little glitchy.

But…and here’s the view I like to take: retrograde of any planet provides the chance to do some great work.  REview, REtrace, REvisit.  “RE- things”  Get it?  So yes, you will likely experience some unanticipated confusion and obstacles during a Mercury Retrograde cycle but you also have this wonderful window in which you have the opportunity to zoom out and put on your birds-eye perspective.  What hasn’t been working?  What needs to change?  How can this thing or relationship in your life function more fluidly?  These are the kinds of questions and answers involved in a Mercury Retrograde.  So get excited!

What do you want to examine during this period that lasts from May 18-19-June 11-12, 2015?  What needs to be said?  What needs to be addressed?  Be intentional.  Decide what it is that you’re ready to make better.  The answers and the solutions will arise.

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May 3, 2015


I have an early May birthday.  Every spring when the lilacs begin to bloom, my dad likes to remind me that the day I was born, was the day that the lilacs began to bloom that year.

So I feel somewhat proprietary about the lilacs, like they belong to me…IMG_4560

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