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March 20, 2015


This was taken for a jewelry shoot we did a few years ago by Beth Sanders and it’s one of my favorites.
natha (15 of 172) Beth Sanders is a visual storyteller.  She takes astonishing images and she’s like the very best parts of your mother, best friend, coach, mentor and teacher all in one.  This woman makes you feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera and that’s important; if you don’t feel confident as the photo is being taken, guess what?  It’ll show in the finished product.  This is why the subjects of her photos all look so damn good- they feel good as they’re being photographed.  So these days she’s doing way more than just photographing people.  She’s just launched something new.  It’s called The Worthiness Project with partner Marlene Zaleznick.  Marlene and Beth work closely with women who are exhausted with the task of hating their bodies.

I am hard pressed to find a woman over the age of 12 who doesn’t have at least a small amount of criticism regarding her body.  I see it surface all the time as I coach clients and I see it in myself and my friends.  We’re living in a culture in which body shame is is accepted and expected.  We hear our mother’s lamenting over their imperfect bodies and we learn that we must do that too.  We see that same sentiment repeated over and over in the media and modeled by our peers and figure it must be normal.

And where this steady diet of body shame used to be an accepted norm for females, I have begun to see and meet many women  that are tired of that paradigm.  These women are refusing to perpetuate the self hatred.  They’re doing the inner work so that they can take back their power and their own perception of themselves.

Through a unique combination of body centered, empowerment coaching and art photography, Beth and Marlene are helping their clients do just that.  The images of their work that I’ve seen and the stories I’v heard them tell (with the permission of their clients of course) have all been profoundly moving.   If you’re tired of hating your body and you’re ready to see your yourself in a new and appreciative light, check out The Worthiness Project for more information.

March 6, 2015

And another one! Goals Class 3.0

Okay I’m releasing another Secret to Achieving Your Goals class!  It starts Monday April 6 and meets from 1-2pm MST for 12 consecutive weeks.  This is a tele-course so anyone can take it.  Have you been looking for something?  Knowing there was something out there that could make you feel better, change your perspective, shift your life?  Well, consider this your sign.  This is what you’ve been looking for.  Oooh I have the chills just typing that.  Check out this link for more information and to register.  goals class promoOh and guess what- this class is on sale for $125!!  But not for long– I don’t know when TSTLC (I teach this class through them) will be ending the sale so act fast!  If you have any questions please message me, I would love to connect with you and answer them.  natha(at)

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