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January 27, 2014

Reasons we’re beautiful that have nothing to do with the way we look

RLB collage_blog
Last fall, we decided to host a celebration giveaway where we asked all of our customers and fans to send in photos of themselves wearing rings and necklaces and bracelets all made by Luscious Metals Jewelry. We had an incredible response! We called it the Real Life Beauty Celebration. We just wanted to honor women for being beautiful. Not beautiful because they were young or thin or had smooth skin, but beautiful because they were bakers and teachers and mothers and artists and friends. Beauty is something that develops as a result of who we are, not what we look like. It seems like today more than ever, there’s such disparity between that truth and the lie that says that in order to be considered beautiful, we must conform to specific standards. We just wanted to do our part to help dispel the myth that says that thin, young (and wealthy!) was the fastest track toward beauty. Because it isn’t.
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To see the photo collection in its entirety, check out our instagram account and also our facebook page.

January 22, 2014

You’re wearing THAT?

What Not To Wear
I went to have lunch with my daughter today who’s in elementary school and while were were eating, I noticed a boy wearing a T-shirt that had the word Rancid scrawled across it in big red words that were (presumably) meant to look like dripping blood. I know clothing like this is fashionable in certain circles but it always makes me cringe to see people actually wearing them. It seems to be mostly young men that I’ve seen wearing shirts that say things like “loser” and “rancid” and of course there are quite a few death metal bands that have names like “Carcass” and “Venom” (I’m serious!) and true to form, they print brutal and bloody images alongside their names on their concert T shirts and then people buy them. And actually wear them. Like I said, I cringe for the men who wear these words and images so close to their skin. Not just because I find them to be aesthetically distasteful (I’m sorry- I do) but because I’m fully aware of the effect that words have on water and we ourselves are 60% water. I cant help but assume that on some level, wearing dis-empowering words so closely to our bodies would make us feel…dis-empowered. I found this great short video demonstrating some of the experiments of Dr. Masuro Emoto who was able to scientifically prove that kind and loving words affected water quite differently than mean and hateful words.

Wearing Words of Beauty Instead
As many of you know, this is the very idea behind the jewelry that we design. Almost all of our pieces include space to add a word or a name because if wearing sweet and loving words against our skin can help change the water chemistry in our bodies for the better, well, that’s a win win. Wearing pretty things makes us feel good; they garner us compliments (which also make us feel good) and as we now know, help to raise our consciousness (which also feels good). So here’s the way I like to look at it: if we make it our goal to feel good most of the time then every little step we take to facilitate this gets us closer to that goal. Ditch the downer words and don the delightful ones. Makes sense to me.
word trilogy_blog
You can find these pieces and many more like it on our website From left to right: Hammered Nuggets, Spellbound Ring, My Love Necklace.

January 15, 2014

Something Blue

Sally RIng
I got to attend a beautiful wedding this past fall. It was in a cozy little mountain inn and although it was only early October, it was a snowy day. The bride looked beautiful and as tradition mandates, she wore a gorgeous white dress along with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Because the bride Sally is dear friend of mine, I wanted to make her a piece of jewelry to wear and I figured “something blue” seemed like the perfect fit.
I had a huge chunky Ametrine in my studio that I’ve been wanting to use and this seemed like the perfect time to do so. Ametrine. Ever heard of it? Neither had I until my dear friend Johnnie who’s a stone whiz (and alchemy wizard) sent me a few. Ametrine is a variety of quartz that’s typically a combination of purple amethyst and yellow citrine. The color differences visible within Ametrines are due to differing oxidation states of iron within the crystal. In a nutshell, when a stone is heat treated (naturally in this case) it changes the color of the crystal. Blue and yellow Ametrine is not naturally occurring, it is lab created but Im a big fan of lab created gemstones because they’re very eco-friendly. It’s important to note that lab created gemstones are not lower in quality but their environmental impact is most certainly lower.
sally ring 4
I love Sally. She is the co-owner and co-mastermind behind Alchemy Mineral Blends and she is an amazing woman. She is also a collector of Luscious Metals so it made so much sense to me to make her something beautiful and custom to wear at her wedding. What an honor! I love you Sally!
sally ring 2

January 8, 2014


2014 1
What do you want to create in 2014?
Write a letter to the Universe (or Source or God or whatever your word for it is), much as many of us used to write letters to Santa Claus… “Dear Universe, in 2014, I would dearly love your help. Take away my need to control life and help me trust you. Help me feel your love, share your love, and BE your love. Here are my dreams…make them come true. Guide me and let me know what to do and when to do it. And if you have better dreams for me, I gratefully accept your gifts and your grace.”
And now, list your dreams, great and small, all of them, no matter how long it takes. And when you are done, as you read your letter out loud to the Universe, take time as you read each dream, to imagine you have already received it. What does it feel like? Stop and give thanks. Go on to the next. Repeat this reading/feeling as many times as you like in the years to come, for in truth, this is a powerful prayer, not just to ask, but to tune into that which you seek.

I didn’t write that. It came to me in a beautiful email from a woman who channels angels and it struck me as something that I should do. I love the idea. I love it so much that I wrote out my list and got really clear on some of my dreams and aspirations for this year. It’s a beautiful list and I was able to really hit on the things that are important to me going forward. My plan was to post them all right here, but then I got scared. Scared to share, scared to expose myself so deeply.
I have a hard time discerning how much to share about myself, here on this forum. I read so many beautiful blogs written by women who pour their hearts out and move me so deeply; I want to create that same movement for other women. I feel so called to write things about myself and my process that may help someone else to see themselves in a way that they hadn’t before. But then I falter because after all, this blog for the past 8 years has been about jewelry. I’ve kept it intentionally impersonal because I wasn’t in a place where I wanted to expose myself in any way shape or form. I was writing from my image, not my soul. One of the things I’ve been working on lately is learning and developing appropriate boundaries. I’ve always struggled with having proper boundaries and I feel that most of us do. Mine have always felt either too loose or too rigid. When they’re loose, I hate myself for not having my shit together, not knowing better, not seeing it coming. When they’re too rigid I feel bitchy, sharp, mean, cold. I never know how much of myself to give or to show. I struggle with what’s socially correct, what’s polite, how will the other feel, how will the other see me, will people think I’m showing off, will people think I’m ridiculous, will sharing my process help someone out there in some way? My mind becomes this stew of self-consciousness and confusion and it’s hard to decide which direction to take; to share or not to share. Inevitably (according to me anyway) I choose the “wrong” one and then come down hard on myself for not having appropriate boundaries.
I’ve been trying to chart a course for my jewelry design business and my coaching and consulting business and trying to figure out an easy and succinct way to merge the two and I keep bumping up against this question of boundaries. Do I start a new blog and publish the deep stuff there and keep this one light and fluffy and happy-happy? Or do I assume that everyone who reads this blog: women buy my jewelry and those that know me personally, all have the capacity and interest to read about my personal process as it relates to my business and my life? Because while I am writing for myself, I am also writing for them. We all have so much wisdom to impart to each other and the only way we can all do that for each other is to develop our voice and communicate in whatever form that takes. Right? So the decision remains to be made. Is there to be a fork in the road or can I continue to walk this path albeit with one foot in jewelry and design and the other in coaching and writing?

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