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November 18, 2012

A sweet story of stars and syncronicity

I can distinctly remember the pieces that I’ve made that were “meant to be mine” that I sold on a whim and later regretted. Two of them were literally purchased off of my neck by women on the street that fell in love with them and one of them I sent off to be in a collection for an art show in California. I was trying to round out the collection and didn’t have the time to create a bunch of new pieces so I went hunting through my studio, looking for previously made odds and ends to use. I make bunches of pendants and charms and interesting little wire wrapped faceted stone thing-ees and the like that don’t immediately end up in the pieces I sell. Some of them are experiments and some are just products of whatever concept was striking my fancy on a particular day. At any rate, I sent off this beautiful 8 pointed star set with a faceted quartz which happens to be the stone of clarity (something that I feel I’m always seeking) and it sold (which didn’t surprise me) and I felt a little sad about it (because I did indeed love that piece.)

So one day I get an email from a woman who had purchased a piece at that very California show, telling me that her piece had broken and might she exchange it for a custom piece, which I said was fine etc. Well I hadn’t asked her which piece it was that had broken so when I opened her return package and saw my little beautiful star, I was so excited to see that my old friend had returned! I knew that the piece was meant to be mine after all.

So I fixed my star, created a customized inscribed necklace (see below) for this lovely lady using some initial charms that she had previously owned and incorporating some of her favorite power words and (a star!) and also the name of her beloved. I think it was a win win for both of us, and I’ve hardly taken my star off!

The end!

November 2, 2012

Angel Wing Giveaway!

Both man and Mother Nature seem to be at odds with the idea of peace and tranquility right now don’t they? In my home state of Colorado alone we’ve had devastating fires, a nightmarish shooting spree and a heart sickening abduction. Now we’re watching as the east coast struggles to pick up the pieces left from the damage that super-storm Sandy wrought. To top it all off, across the country we’ve been inundated for weeks now with political mudslinging and we’re all becoming more aware of where we as individuals stand on issues like human rights, genetically modified food and the vast disparity between the rich and the poor. Phew!

I believe that the best balm for soothing ourselves around senseless tragedy and devastating natural disaster is the idea of people coming together, depending on each other and also calling on divine energy to guide us and help us emerge stronger and with more effective tools for creating peace and harmony. So with this idea in mind, I’ve decided to gift 3 lucky people one of our Angel Wing Necklaces to wear around their neck as a reminder that we all have angels and guides nearby to help answer our questions, ease our fears and help us make good decisions. It’s my way of sending some support out into the world. If you’ve read my artist statement on, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in the law of attraction (like attracts like), which means that if we wear little talismans that represent strength, wisdom, support (or whatever the case may be) that we bring those qualities to ourselves as a result. So, if you’d like to enter to win your own talisman, you can do so RIGHT HERE. There is also a free shipping code there for you if the idea of a ‘power amulet’ sounds like a good one to you– we have many different necklaces, rings and bracelets (that are fully customizable!) on Luscious that are designed specifically with this intention. The contest ends Nov. 14 so be speedy and share with your friends too! Until then, hang in there and be well…

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