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August 26, 2011

Firefly Gypsy Farm Market

It’s official–we’re headed to Boulder’s most fabulous craft fair–The Gypsy farm Market–September 17th and 18th. This is the third event produced by Firefly Handmade and you don’t want to miss this show–it’s one of those things you’ll hear people gushing about afterwards and be all envious that you didn’t make it.

This is an absolutely amazing little market full of hand crafted art made by people that live in Colorado. It’s like Etsy come to life–there are paintings and clothing, jewelry and sculpture, gorgeous body oils and letterpress and the list goes on. This is a juried show which means that the quality of the work being shown is all judged by specific standards. In other words, you won’t have to sift though booths of crocheted pot holders in Broncos colors (and yes–I worked a fair once where my booth neighbor was indeed selling those) in order to find the cool stuff. To whet your appetite for everything fabulously handmade and available for purchase at the market, please check out their blog, where they post daily about featured artists.

August 19, 2011

Fabulous Jewelry Parties-The Interview

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A few months ago, Danielle Fox of Stringing Magazine approached me about doing an interview on how to hold successful trunk shows and jewelry parties and I was surprised and delighted. I think we all tend towards underestimation with regards to what we really know on a topic until someone is there asking you specific questions about it! This was a blast though and I’m really excited to be a part of this beautiful magazine. Stringing is an amazing reference for jewelry makers–this issue alone has over 70 project ideas for aspiring designers. Believe me–these aren’t tired old projects, using cheap beads from a basic craft store either–these ideas are gorgeous, unique and fashionable inspiration. The photography alone is enough to entice you to get yourself down to the gem show and stock up for future projects.

Did you know that I love to help out aspiring entrepreneurs? I’ve spent a huge amount of time researching everything from selling to marketing, book keeping to design and production and the list goes on. If you have a burning question or need advice, feel free to email me at natha[at] I promise to answer in a relatively timely manner (that’s only a semi-joke, but in my defense, I get a lot of emails!)

August 9, 2011

Jewelry Cleaning Time!

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We’re like magpies–those birds notorious for their attraction to shiny objects– we buy jewelry because it sparkles and shines and calls to us. Our new pieces thrill us even just sitting on our dresser, and when we have new metal we wear it and wear it often. Sigh…oh so pretty…. Until one day we look down and notice that the metal is dull and dark, sometimes with a tacky film on it and then guess what happens? We stop wearing it. There’s always that nebulous idea of locating the silver polish and polishing it but it never quite happens. So we move on to newer, brighter, shinier, our poor tarnished piece left to live out the rest of it’s days getting splattered with toothpaste flecks and hanging on for dear life to the bathroom ledge or buried in a dark and dusty jewelry box.

Tarnished, rarely worn and oh so sad.

Silver polish is a messy hassle and buffing cloths are only slightly effective. So how do we clean our pieces? My favorite way to clean jewelry is with a small tuft of the finest grade steel wool you can find. Hardware stores are your best bet (you can find it sometimes in the detergent aisle in the grocery store but it’s usually a very rough grade and it’s usually pre soaped–not what you’re looking for in other words). Steel wool cleaning is really easy, quick and you don’t end up with dried pink grit from left over silver polish in the crevices of your pieces and their chains.

A clean necklace is a happy necklace

1. Take a tuft of steel wool, I like 0000 grade (or 4 aught) 000 (triple aught) will also work but I wouldn’t go much bigger than that or you won’t get as much shine (*please note–if the finish on your piece is a high shine (a highly polished, smooth finish) DO NOT use steel wool…I’ll cover options for that kind of finish below) wet under running water, add a drop of regular dish soap and working in a small circular motion- polish away all tarnish. If you’re polishing a chain, just flatten the steel wool and wrap the wool (taco style) around the chain and run the chain up and down, holding the wool tightly along the chain. When tarnish is gone, rinse the jewelry until it’s soap free and viola!

2. Now, for any piece that’s finished with a high shine, if you use steel wool, it will put tiny scratches in the finish (which won’t ruin in but will change the finish into more of a “brushed” finish and if that isn’t what you want, baking soda is a safer option. Add a few drops (you want a paste consistency) of water to a pile of baking soda. Using a toothbrush, scrub the paste in a circular motion all over the piece you’re working with. This will remove most tarnish and restore a nice healthy glow to your piece. Baking soda isn’t as aggressive as steel wool though so if you can’t get quite the tarnish removal you were hoping for with this technique, you may have to resort to the dreaded silver polish.


Baking Soda


One last thing–did you know that we clean pieces that we’ve made for free? If you’d rather just not be bothered–send your pieces back to our studio and we’ll clean, polish and make any small little repairs necessary to ensure that you keep wearing your pieces for years to come!

PO BOX 782
Louisville Colorado 80026
(please enclose a note with instructions and a return shipping address!)

August 5, 2011

Cosmo spotting!

Our new Slinky Slice Earrings have been spotted in this months Cosmo Magazine!

We are so excited about releasing these new earrings on our website and of course completely THRILLED to have them debut in Cosmo!!

August 1, 2011

Perfectly Peridot

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For all of you Leo’s and Virgo’s out there, you already know that the august birthstone is peridot…and for the rest of us (who have been obviously swept into some kind of time warp and can’t believe it could possibly be august already) well, now you know too. It’s time to celebrate the lush green beauty of the gemstone peridot. Our handmade Spellbound Ring got featured in a beautiful Etsy treasury showcasing so many lovely shades of green…such a fitting color to celebrate at the height of our summer growing season. Thanks for including us sharonclancydesigns! (who makes fabulous jewelry herself–check out her shop)!

‘Perfectly Peridot’ by sharonclancydesigns

Vintage 50s olive …

Wild Ferns No. 2 – …

Spellbound Ring

Bear Watercolor -&q…

Genuine Peridot Ste…

Marine Bowl, Hand B…

Green lime bracelet…

green vintage tin b…

scrub scrubbies

wolf / car – origin…

Botanical Specimen …

Necklace. Jewelry, …

My Vintage Kitchen …

SweetPea, Handcraf…

Vintage Royal Sealy…

Pug Portrait with L…

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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