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January 26, 2011

New Years Resolution

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One of my girlfriends posted this T-shirt on Facebook and it got me thinking…Everything IS amazing and yet most people aren’t all that happy.  Why is that?  Is it a cultural thing?  Is it learned?   Do we do it to ourselves?  Are our feelings of deficiency simply a human condition?

I think we get in the habit of dwelling mostly on what’s wrong and what’s bad. There’s a comfort in melancholy for most of us. With a little mindfulness though, we can break that habit. I for one want to spend more moments in awe and in total fascination of this world we get to live and learn in so I’ve made PRACTICING GRATITUDE AND SPENDING TIME IN AMAZEMENT my new years resolution. I know, the whole concept of “being grateful” is easier said then done and unfortunately even the word “gratitude” has been so over marketed that it borders on trite. But the truth, is that taking a moment to look around and see what’s good about our lives can make for big changes.

Here- I’ll start: I get to live in a place where it’s sunny most days even in the winter. I’m so lucky to be a woman in a culture that treasures female babies. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to sleep in an underpass covered by newspapers. I got to see a bald eagle while walking with one of my favorite girlfriends the other day. I have clean running water (both hot and cold) coming out of my faucets. I have 2 of the most hysterical children on the planet and they make me laugh every day. I run my own company and I’m my own boss. I’m incredibly resourced in that I have a staggering network of support including family, friends and practitioners. The list goes on.

The next time you’re feeling blue, despondent, bored or depressed, try this. Make a gratitude list. Because guess what? Everything IS amazing and you CAN be happy.

Happy 2011

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