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August 25, 2010

An artist you should know about

Kelly from Bluedoor is the woman who invited me (and the rest of the artists) to participate in the Artist Block art show I mentioned in a previous posting.  If you’re in Colorado, this festival will be tons of fun of fun and there will be some lovely and affordable art!

Set of 5 cards - variety pack - Owl, Swallow, Squid, Whale, Squirrel - professionally printed with envelopes - blank inside -Summer notes for birthday, thank you, friends and love night flier--- The Circus is in town --- Hot air balloon in rainbow colors --- ORIGINAL acrylic painting

Here are a few of Kellys pieces from her etsy shop- she does drawings and paintings on recycled canvases and says 90% of her work is done on landfill bound materials.    She also donates a percentage of all of her sales to an organization called CharityWater.

The trees outside the Atlas Theater - ORIGINAL drawing on Vintage paper
I haven’t yet met her but I am so looking forward to it!  After seeing  her beautiful art and reading her profile, seeing the good she is spreading into the world around her–I like her already!
Midwest dream --- ORIGINAL drawing of wheat on vintage paper --- recycledCherry Tomatoes --- the foodie's best friend --- ORIGINAL drawing of these little fruits on the vine --- great for kitchens, chefs, new houses

August 19, 2010

Artist Block @ The Block Party

BlueDoor (aka Kelly cook or “Cooksta” ) and company has arranged for 25+ Colorado artists and crafters to sell their wares at The Artist Block in Greeley on August 27 from noon til 7pm.  The main event  is a 47 band, 5 stage extravaganza called  The Block Party.

I ‘m collaborating with fellow jewelry designer Beth Ellwood on a “cheap and chic” line of jewelry that we’ll be selling together at this show. The collection will include things like lotus flowers, discs with astrological signs and juicy birthstones on  silken cords.  Of course we’ll  both have old favorites  and new designs from our independent lines for sale but we’re  ever so excited to put our talents together for this cool fair!

Above and below are shots of a few of the booths that will more than likely be at the show.    We’re talking, photography, painting, handcrafted jewelry, custom art, mixed media, clothing, furniture etc).   Cooksta is  blogging about many of the artists too so check out her blog here for more visual immediate gratification. And then get your bootie over to this festival on Friday August 27 from 12 to 7.  (The music party lasts waaaay into the night  though so don’t forget your dancing shoes or your wallet.  You’ll need both!

August 15, 2010

Original Sin

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Etsy Treasuries are themed collections of work by etsy artists, curated by etsy members.  They’re  usually quite beautiful, as the curators spend some obvious time choosing all sorts of lovely handcrafted and vintage pieces that fit within the theme and color palette of their unique collection.  I’m always very honored when someone uses one of my pieces in their treasury and this time my Apple made it into one by KGJB (who happens to be a stunning photographer as well as curator–  Wow!) entitled Original Sin….I am in LOVE with this one…the colors are amazing and the Garden of Eden was actually the original  inspiration behind the Apple necklace.  Below are a few of my favorites from the collection but click here (or above) to see the treasury in its entirety.  My thanks again to KGJB for including me.

August 4, 2010

Ariella and Erik

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My sisters’  best friend just married her Swedish sweetheart in one of my favorite wedding ceremonies ever.  My amazing sister officiated the ceremony and she and the couple together wove a tapestry of spirituality, symbolism and precious tales of their life together up to that point.

The reception was also just beautiful–they managed to create an intimate hacienda in the middle of a gorgeous little farm on the outskirts of Boulder.  Complete with a Mariachi band, towers of 7 day prayer candles, loteria cards, bowls overflowing with lilies and bright red flowers and  a Dia de Los Muertos chocolate wedding cake(!)…Oh and did I mention delicious Mexican food (gluten free of course which is perfectly Boulder!)

As we all know, I’m completely fascinated with Mexican and Spanish religious (and not so religious) symbolism (as is Ariella it seems) so I particularly enjoyed the aesthetics of her celebration and I REALLY have a thing for hearts.  Not fluffy pink hearts of course but hearts with daggers and hearts with wings and flaming hearts.  I’ve done many collections based on both of these themes so when I arrived at the wedding and saw the hand painted fans left for the guests to cool themselves with (the photo of the fan below was taken in my studio), and the bolero that the bride had made and embroidered with a flaming heart I knew what her wedding present had to be.

What do you think??  Next time I post I’ll cover the process of making the necklace…stay tuned!

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