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May 22, 2010

Avant Garde Photo Shoot

In my experience, a true artist is one that is not only a master of his or her craft but also someone who has a grand vision, the ability to encompass a complete story and incorporate it in a relevant way into their finished product. (Yes, I went to art school- can’t you tell!?)

I was asked to participate in a photo shoot (independent of Luscious Metals) and had the total pleasure of working with 3 such artists a few weeks ago and I was really impressed. These women knew what they were doing and the end results are lovely.

Sally Walker of Alchemy Mineral Blends is part fine artist part make artist- and pure entertainment. She has some of the most amusing stories you’ll ever hear and the best part is that they’re all true.

Jamie Radford of Twig Salon and Spa put ten million tangles in my hair and I’d let her do it again anytime!

When she was finished painting me (it took over 2 hours), Sally told me not to smile or laugh because it was going to mess up the make up but as soon as I showed up to the shoot and met Beth Sanders, not smiling proved to be next to impossible. Not only a phenomenal photographer, she’s hysterical.

We worked with a bunch of different costumes and backgrounds, and shot both indoors and out. These are just a few of the finished shots. I mostly wanted to highlight the artists themselves. I also need to thank my loyal assistant Ms. Bethy-Boo Walker for helping me out with the details (procuring chai with a straw, taking prep photos, arriving with rice crackers just in the nick of time- couldn’t live with out you Babe…) The production as a whole was a blast~ Thanks for the opportunity ladies!

May 7, 2010

My assistant

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So I have this assistant and to be perfectly honest, she’s not much help. At all.

She messes with my tools and drops gemstones on the floor and inevitably ends up hurting herself. Every time I try and fire her though, she cries.

On the flip side, she IS really cute and she DOES make me laugh and she will ALWAYS dance with me when a good song comes on Pandora. So. I guess I’ll keep her on for a while longer…

Happy Mothers Day!

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