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August 29, 2009

Fall into Common Threads

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We just brought a new fall collection to Common Threads, one of our favorite stores to sell at. This collection is full of rich, juicy colors and chunky stones with an angel wing or two thrown in. The only problem with selling here is that every time we go in we have to buy something!

August 15, 2009


In my next life I want to be a rocker chick covered in tattoos which is exactly how the sexy women who work at Vain Salon in Denver rock it. Vain is a great salon but they are also a “unique mix of hair, culture and art” showcasing collections from some really amazing artists. Once a month they throw an extravaganza/ art opening to celebrate each new artist.

We brought one of my favorite collections to Vain in Denver last week. The collection came to fruition after meeting with owner Tina Mckeever, who told me that she liked the Hearts and Wings and Flames Oh My! collection and wanted me to create one along those lines, lots of flames and daggers and maybe a pistol. So…Viola! Ask and you shall receive right? Tina inspired me to make some of my favorite pieces to date.

This is beautiful Sally Walker, who has a mineral makeup line, Alchemy Mineral Blends that she and her partner Breanna Ortola sell through Vain.

Daggers, pistols, flaming heart wings set with scarlet pearls, flush set tourmaline and zircon. Inscriptions reading “Devotion”, “Ridin Dirty” and “Forever”. An 8 sided star set with a fuchsia vintage rivoli crystal, a juicy silver cherry and many more pieces…Sigh… who could ask for anything more in a collection really?

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