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May 26, 2009


Brandy Shaloo writes a very cutting edge blog at Good-Bad-Divine.blogspot and it really is all three of those (bad as in bad-ass of course). I just love the black background and skull icons, and the way she groups lots of thumbnail pictures together just make you want to keep looking. She has a great sense of fashion and art and her writings reflect that. She is in Germany and it’s cool how some of the words are in German and some in English…very intriguing and oh so international!

Brandy was kind enough to write about my Luscious Metals the other week and I just wanted to share. Thanks a million Brandy!!

May 21, 2009

The Good and The Bag

Blogs and websites are so interesting to me…I love how some scream high fashion, some are edgy, some are pretty or funky or sweet. They remind me of bedrooms. I always envision each site to be a general representation of it’s creators’ bedroom. Am I just strange? Oh well, at any rate, Dana at must have a lovely, elegant and very sophisticated bedroom, because that is exactly how it feels over at her website. She “loves the charming things in life” and frankly, that says it all. She chooses some of the most delectable stuff to feature in tons of categories (niceties, books, jewelry etc.) It’s a great place to find gifts for people that you may otherwise never have found. She featured my Sweetheart Necklace (that necklace has been hard at work these past few months) Thank you Dana!!

May 8, 2009

Style Eyes Interview

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Ceri Heathcote has a lovely little corner of the web called Style Eyes Fashion Blog. It’s filled with all sorts of musings on fashion, jewelry, sustainable style and more. There are lots of pretty pictures to look at too, which is one of my favorite reasons for reading blogs of course. She is all the way over in the UK and I always find it fascinating to hear the points of view of women from all over the world. I’m flattered that she likes my jewels too! She also works with, “the ultimate guide for ladies with style”. Ceri interviewed me, check it out, it was so much fun! Thanks Ceri~

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