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February 23, 2009


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Things that make me happy…

1. The sound of sugar pouring into coffee
2. The fact that unlike an apple, you can eat a pear almost in it’s entirety…
3. The stunning beauty of trees in the winter, naked, without their leaves…
4. The swish sound of a Peppermint Pattie being torn in half…
5. The heavy, flower and musk scent of a Georgia evening…
6. Eating the little tender sweet bit at the end of a freshly picked prairie grass…
7. Eating salted lemons…yum…

February 12, 2009


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I got a spot in a beautiful magazine out of Australia-KANCHI. It is well worth signing up for their VIP club so you can get the magazine delivered into you in-box all ready to download. I would write a description of the label behind the magazine but they do a much better job of it!
” KanchiĀ® is the luxurious Australian designer label worn by girls around the world. The brand’s latest creative venture is their online magazine.
The KanchiĀ® Magazine was launched to provide a glamorous, creative and interactive vehicle to showcase unique, inspiring and talented; individuals, businesses, products, services and places globally.
Sydney based fashion designer Kanchi Williams is the creative force behind the label; which was launched as a result of her passion; for all things beautiful and glamorous and as a way of expressing her creativity.”

In my own words- her clothes are stunning and so is her magazine! Thanks Kanchi!

February 9, 2009

A Collection to Covet

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I just sent a lovely new collection to Covet Boutique in Bellingham Washington. The owner, Sally Poorman always chooses my favorite pieces to carry! She even got one of the new pieces from the spring line that no one else has even seen yet…Stay tuned for the new spring beauties, coming soon.

February 2, 2009

Valentine Jewelry Giveaway

Chocolate and Roses and Jewelry oh my…

Win one of these necklaces from one of the new spring lines! These chunky nuggets can be purchased at my etsy shop too!

Good enough to eat white chocolate soap cake by Verbena Custom Blends

Sweet little entertwined rose bud vases from Annaspots

I have a love hate relationship with Valentines Day. In junior high, the student council sold carnations at Valentines Day for a fundraiser. The students would buy the carnations for each other to be delivered during the last period of school on Valentines Day. The carnations came in 3 colors, white to represent love, red to represent crush and pink to represent friendship. Needless to say there were always a few girls that were showered in whites and reds and a lot more of us that got a few random pinks… As if junior high wasn’t painful enough on our 14 year old egos, every V-day we got visual proof of our status with the boys. Ugh.

On the other hand, my girlfriends and family were and still are the worlds best when it comes to HEART day. I always receive lots little heart shaped goodies, pretty cards and invites to chocolate and red wine parties…these days, Valentines day isn’t so bad.

In honor of V-Day 2009 I am having a giveaway. Comment below with your best or worst Valentine memory and be registered to win one of the new chunky nuggets from my spring line! The contest runs through feb. 29 and a winner will be randomly chosen. Good luck! DON’T FORGET TO LEAVE ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS SO THAT I CAN CONTACT YOU IF YOU ARE THE LUCKY WINNER!

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