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September 30, 2008

Win a $500 Dollar Shopping Spree!

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Theres an awesome contest running right now- you could win $500 worth of goods from Smashing Darling!. It’s being sponsored by SheFinds and Smashing Darling All you have to do is sign up for the Shefinds newsletter and comment on their blog about what you would use your $500 gift certificate on. (Hint Hint- Natha Perkins Jewelry of course!) This contest runs through this friday october 3. Go to SheFinds to read more about it. Good luck!!

September 25, 2008

Prospere magazine

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I’m just thrilled at the moment because Cynthia Cheng of the very hip and cool Prospere Magazine just wrote a wonderful article about my Luscious Metals. Thanks Cynthia! Check out the article

September 19, 2008

Sexy Mama!

Michele and Baby “Billy”

Shes gorgeous and pregnant! Pregnant and gorgeous! This is Michele and she’s having a baby in december. I Just landed an “Editors Picks” slot at Smashing Darling and I based my picks on things from shops at Smashing that I thought every pregnant woman should have. Take a peek and see what I chose! I also had a few more favorites from the cool stores at Smashing that didn’t match my color scheme but I wanted to share them anyway…

Speaking from experience, I know that the bigger that tum gets, the easier it is to feel ungainly, and scarves are good for creating a visual distraction (and keeping you warm of course!) so these scarves from Thistle Downs Wool Designs are both beautiful and functional.

You know those horrid maternity pants that have the big elastic half moon that is supposed to fit over your belly? Ugh! Try these soft and comfy cotton pants from Sandmaiden instead. You can put the waistband right down on your hips below your belly, relax and aahhh, look great.

Pregnant is sexy! Don’t think you have to wear dowdy granny panties just because you’re gaining pounds and inches by the day! These lovly knickers from On The Inside Lingerie will be perfect for all of your low waisted non maternity-maternity pants…

September 15, 2008

The Dish

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The lovely Amy Esther of Amy Esther Ceramics just featured my Cherry Necklaces in her blog In The Night Kitchen-I’m always fond of sleek and elegant blogs and hers fits the bill- check it out. Thanks for the compliments Amy!

Right after you look at her blog, go to her Etsy store to see some beautiful ceramics. I love having people over for snacks and coctails and having unique and handmade dishes to serve goodies on is one of my favorite parts of the party! Amy, one of these days I’m coming for these sweet little dishes…

September 12, 2008

Violet Everywhere!

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Violet in Private

We all know about my penchant for the name Violet. It is one of my very favorite names and words for that matter which is why when Melissa Walker, writer
extroardinaire, author of many books including Violet on the Runway, Violet by Design and her latest and greatest Violet in Private approached me about doing a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her book launching I said yes, of course!

Fairies Ring

This necklace fit in perfectly with the Violet theme and some lucky girl won it on wednesday by leaving a comment on Melissa’s blog. You really should take a peek at her blog and then go get a Violet book. What was that they always told us in school RIF? Reading is fun. cheesy but true…

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