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April 23, 2008

Violet…a boutique of a different hue

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I just got a new account at a delightful little store in Larimer Square in Denver. Violet is owned by the lovely Stacy who keeps the store stocked with really beautiful, color rich pieces. The store itself, with it’s violet walls feels somehow airy and cosy at the same time. The clothing is fashionable, quite covetable and the best part is that it is all affordable. I mean how often do you fall in love with a dress at an upscale boutique only to find that it is $200? Stacy has amazing things that pretty much hover around or below the $100 mark. Yeah! She has great jewelry too in both gold and silver tones and come mid-May when my collection arrives, she will have some edgy copper. Above are some of the pieces she ordered from me. These hearts are petite versions of some of the pieces in the Hearts and Wings and Flames Oh My! collection. They will retail for $102.00. Currently “Pierced” is the only one of the petite hearts on the website but soon all 5 will be available.

April 13, 2008

A Sneak Peek at the Fairy Tales

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Okay-here they are, a sneak peak at the newest addition to the FairyTale Collection! These are almost finished. These are all on longer chains, probably 22″or 24″ long- since long is in… I am only showing 3 of the 5 since the other 2 pendants aren’t polished or set. I am so in love with this collection!! These will be numbers 5-10 (series 2) in this particular collection. They are all one of a kind and pieces 1-4 (in the first series) have sold. There is only one left and it’s the Beautiful Mermaids. The common thread in all of the pieces is the dreamy wording and the beautiful, cushion cut gemstone cabs. I just love the process of clustering these brilliant cabs with beautiful gemstones and coming up with wording to match with the feel of the colors. I am just waiting to see which one needs to be mine because I don’t have a FairyTale yet!

April 7, 2008

The Bench

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The Assembly Station
The Metalsmithing Station

Metalsmithing and what it entails are an enigma to most people. I know that before I began learning how to do it I had no idea how a piece of jewelry was made. Not a clue. Metalsmithing is not generally a craft that just anybody can pick up and love to do. It requires expensive equipment and room to use it in, extensive training and patience, patience, patience.

When I was in art school, it was required that every student take almost as many classes out of their concentration as in it. As a result, the first 2 levels of metalsmithing were filled with student artists that had a concentration other than metals (ceramics, printmaking, photography etc.) Some of them fell instantly in love with the craft (I did!) some of them hobbled through but most of them HATED it. The concepts behind successful metalsmithing can’t be learned overnight. It requires real dedication because the only way to learn is through trial and error (lots and lots of errors). Oh and a little thing called, for lack of a better word “the knack”. Someone can tell you how to solder (‘glue’ metal to metal) but you can only learn by practicing. I have been doing metals for 8 years now and am just now learning and mastering certain techniques. I’m hoping that in 20 years I’ll be really good at metalsmithing but I’m sure I’ll still be melting things and dropping small stones on the floor, never to be seen again…aaahhh!!!

Take a look at these 2 pictures of my bench. It is organized chaos but so is the rest of my house…this is where ‘the magic is created’. My piece of heaven. Stay tuned for more pictures of new collections in the works and pictures of me metalsmithing. be sure to check out my website to see the finished process- Jewels!!

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